Social web of things

A few weeks ago, one of my teachers showed me this video during class. My first reaction was: ‘Ah, how cool!’ and ‘That’s awesome!’, but then I started to think about it properly.
I watched the vid several times when I was at home and realized that people are already making steps with developing this kind of technology. The most of us know about domotica and robotica in houses of elderly, but this is bringing it to a complete new level. It kind of freaks me out to know that, in a few years, every single thing could have a voice/feeling and is sort of a ‘living creature’ who talks about their wants and needs. Like there aren’t enough whining people already… (jokes!)

A combination of the trends stress society, digitization and experience economy are actually the base of this technological development. People are so busy with their lifes and trying to get everything done in time, that they don’t even have time to clean or do the laundry. Maybe it’s not only a matter of time, but also a matter of a kind of laziness. People, especially in my generation, want to live life the fullest and don’t want to waste time with things they don’t want to do, just like vacuuming and cleaning. It’ll be a luxury to have this in your house now, but I think a lot of people will apply it in their own house in let’s say 5 or 10 years…

Check out the vid below and let me know what you think about this development!


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