Inspirational vids

When I look at my generation and myself, we are busy with breaking patterns which were build up by older generations, like my parents and grandparents generation. We are developing ourself in a way, that we feel satisfied about our life and do the things we really want to do.
If I look back on the stories my mother told me, about how my gran would make choices for my mom and she had to obey, I just can’t understand why someone else would live your life… Maybe because they wanted to be different themselves and project that on their children, but eventually they’ll grow up not knowing who they really are or unhappy, because they didn’t do the things they wanted to do.
If you check the internet, a lot of inspirational vids are made and shared, to give people motivation to do what they really want and to develop themselves. Forget the money, do what you want! And if you do it correctly, you’ll eventually become a master in what you do and you can earn money with it. But you have to take the first step…

I already did! What about you?


Getting waxed in public…

I already posted some things about Experience economy, because this is just so much fun and I think that this is going to turn out to be a kind of marketing standard for the upcoming years, just like sustainability is not really a trend anymore, but has become a precondition for every company.
FuzzWaxBar brought waxing to a next level and send out a guy covered in waxstrips. These waxstrips were tagged with different kind of emoticons, from the ok face to an angry/hurt face.
Everyone knows that malicious pleasure is funny (up to a certain level of course) and they used it quite good in this campaign. It’s funny, it’s catchy and you can get 25-50% discount at FuzzWaxBar with the little waxstrip you pulled of a hot guy his body.

Just check the vid below and have a laugh!

Nike limited edition

Running shoes usually aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing items in your wardrobe, but these new designs from the Nike Georgetown We Run D.C. collection may even overshadow the glamour of your heels.
An exclusive limited edition series of footwear celebrating the women who have trained for the Nike Women Half Marathon in D.C., the collection includes three new kicks: the Nike Free 5.0+, the Nike Roshe Run Woven and the Nike Studio Wrap Pack. The most stunning shoe out of the three is the Wrap Pack design which features a ballerina-like style with ribbons wrapping around your feet up to your ankles.



Diesel Loverdose

In Fall 2011, Diesel launched its new fragrance, Loverdose. Its essence claims to make women irresistible, and makes men fall in love with them instantly. A marketing stunt was oragnized on St-Catherine street in the heart of downtown Montreal to demonstrate the power of the new perfume. Passerbys who accepted to be misted, were followed by handsome men to re-create its aphrodisiac effect.
While sampling at street level, any woman who tried the fragrance on-the-spot instantly became the focus of a series of actors who then declared their love in a playful, unexpected and publicly noticable manner.


Female bodybuilders for MAC

While most fashion and cosmetics companies almost always use waifish models in their campaigns, MAC has gone a completely different route by featuring bodybuilder and fitness model Jelena Abbou in its latest ad. The new make up line is appropriately called “Strength.”
And Abbou isn’t just toned: She’s ripped and not afraid to hide her muscles.
The campaign is completely unique in this genre of advertising. As Jezebel pointed out, even Vogue’s summer spread on female Olympic athletes didn’t fully celebrate their musculature and athleticism.

screen shot 2013-01-09 at 3.50.12 pm


Vivienne Westwood’s domestic mannequins

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood used mannequins in the window display of her brand’s flagship store in Milan to raise awareness about domestic violence.
1 in 3 women are victims of domestic violence in the country, so one of the three mannequins in the store window was given a black eye and covered in bruises. It sits between two others, which strike glamourous poses and model the latest designs without any visible signs of abuse.
By tackling the issue creatively using a window display, Vivienne Westwood effectively brought attention to this growing problem in Italy. The mannequins got the attention of passersby and were covered by major fashion and news sites in the country.


Dove’s real beauty

The Dove Real Beauty campaign has touched a lot of lives and encourages countless people that they really are more beautiful than they think. Of course, when something gets as popular and widespread as Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, parodies are sure to follow. In this case, the parody by New Feelings Time is a hilarious malecentric version of the new Real Beauty campaign ad with a forensic artist.


Inspiration: Make-up for the eyes!

Because I’m dancing a lot, I’m experimenting very much with different styles of make-up.
In 3 weeks I will participate at the Dutch championships. I will get new clothes and also a new make-up look!
This is some inspiration for me! I’m going to try to make the first picture work for the Dutch Championships!
I’ll keep you posted, about how that went!