Birthday hugs are the best!

When it was my birthday, I was in Cape Town and so I couldn’t see all my friends and family. It wasn’t lonely or something, because I build up quite some friends there as well, but I kind of missed the hugs and kisses of my loved ones.
The same thing with Facebook: you get a lot of congratulations on your wall, but it’s still just a flat message…
Outback restaurants came up with a B-day chair; a chair controlled by Facebook posts to congratulate you with your birthday and gives you a ‘hug’ everytime someone posts something on your wall. A sweet and lovely gesture to the B-day boy or girl!
Like everyone knows, a hug says more than a thousand words. It gives you warmth and shows the other that they care about them and literally give themselves to you. I just don’t know if I wanted to be hugged by a chair, but that’s personal, I think, haha!
This is another great example of Experience ecnonomy and a random act of kindness. Nowadays people are just so busy and concetrating on their own stuff, that they forget the people around them. That’s why these kind of campaigns are so good and clever, just to show people how you can surprise someone and make their day just a little bit better, with a random act of kindness.