The future of augmented reality

A few days ago I wrote a post about how technology is (probably) going to be implemented in our future homes. But of course, that’s not the only technological development going on nowadays…
Sight: contact lenses with augmented reality. These contacts are going to have the same kind of context as Google Glass, but then implemented in contacs. But you can’t only make appointments with a blink, but you can also use it for measuring bodylaguage of another person, you can do videogames and you can pick out your clothes while your sitting on the couch eating your dinner.
I think it’s kind of freaky to know and see that technology is getting closer to the human body every time. I heard stories about people developing some kind of phone, which you should wear in your arm/under your skin. Bit by bit technology is becoming litteraly part of humans. Of course there will be an explanation behind it, for example that the consumer can’t lose their phone anymore or that they could be contacted 24/7, but it’s really not a healthy development (if you ask me). We shouldn’t give away our bodies to empower it with technological things… That’s not who we are; people are vunerable, have emotions and should embrace that.

Man, I could talk about this all day long! What do you think about these kind of things?
Check out the vid below!


Interactive billboard against agression

The Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands has introduced an interactive billboard in Amsterdam and Rotterdam to challenge public apathy towards aggressive behaviour on the streets. Public service employees in the Netherlands, such as ambulance drivers, face aggression and violence on the streets more and more often. Onlookers unfortunately do not intervene often enough when they encounter a situation like this. The billboards use Bitmove technology to pick up the images of passersby and place them in a pre-recorded violent situation, providing four tips on what they can do.


Water-creating Billboard

UTEC or The University of Engineering and Technology, needed a solution to get students interested in applying for an engineering program. They decided to start by changing a local problem. Lima is the second largest capital in the world set on a desert, so the lack potable water is a huge problem. Having in mind that the presence of rain is almost zero, but at the same time the atmospheric humidity is about 98%, this inspired them to build the first billboard that produces drinking water out of air.


Coca Cola’s obesity ad

This is the new Coca-Cola television advert, addressing the issue of obesity and calorie intake. The two-minute-long commercial will be shown on US television and tells viewers what the company is doing to combat obesity.
It’s an interesting thing to see that Coca Cola is doing this, because they are actually telling people, why they shoudn’t drink Coca Cola. Of course they have thought about that, because they are showing all the no/low calorie products in this ad.
It’s a good thing that they are showing their consumers, what the threats are of drinking to much Coca Cola and inspiring them to do something about the obesity. It all lives in their slogan: Coming Together.


Giving meaning to boundaries

Coke just launched their ‘Small World Machines’ which are aimed at creating simple moments of happiness between two nations at odds – India and Pakistan. They bring a live touch screen experience to the normal vending machines, letting Indians and Pakistanis interact with and engage across country borders. Very touching indeed.


Tedx about the future!

The website has a lot of inspirational video’s about technology, health, design and a lot of other stuff.
When I checked this site, I saw a very interesting video about the evolution of human beings. They started about the arise of the planets/stars and after that, he told more about the evolution of humanity.

Want to see this video? Then you should click here:

Evolution of logo’s

If you see the change of the well-known logos in this row, you can see very clearly that they have one thing in common: It is all getting ‘easier’. If this trend continues, then it might be possible to predict the future of the logos. In the image below you see a prediction of how these logos will eventually evolve.

Inspiration from

Healthy diet for a healthy planet??

The food we produce and eat, puts the total environment under increasing pressure. The ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions, deforestation for agricultural fields and the use of water to let the products grow, ensure that our food supply is becoming increasingly critical.

The food we eat and produce globally is for 40% responsible for the global CO2 emissions (including the effects of deforestation and changing agricultural land). How do we reduce the impact of the food we consume and how can we feed three billion extra mouths at the same time, when the world has, in a few decades, nearly 10 billion inhabitants?

Inspiration by reading Inspiriment!

Mentality model of the future

Nowadays a lot of (especially) girls want to relate themselves to topmodels. The bodyfigures of those models have much impact on the youth, because they are their role model.
If we look at the past, the role model was to be fat. That showed the people that you had enough money to eat all the things you wanted!
Nowadays there are many different role models, but the skinny models, with no fat on their body are still the most dominant…

I would love to know what the mentality of young people will be in about 20 years.
What do you think?


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How much will we weigh in the future?

Nowadays, being an obese is not that shocking anymore. More than 60 % of the adults in the United States are obese.
This fact is quite shocking, don’t you think? From 1980 the number of obese people has doubled!
So what is the future perspective for the worldwide foodchain? What will happen as this trend continue as it does now? A worldwide diet to make sure nobody gets fatter? Of course I’m not a fortune-teller, but I think people will take action to this proces. It just has to, because this can’t go on for ever, right?
Ofcourse, not everybody can do something about the fact that they’re too fat, because several medication can cause that.
But if I look at this video, I think we all have to do something about all that fastfood, don’t you think?