Birthday hugs are the best!

When it was my birthday, I was in Cape Town and so I couldn’t see all my friends and family. It wasn’t lonely or something, because I build up quite some friends there as well, but I kind of missed the hugs and kisses of my loved ones.
The same thing with Facebook: you get a lot of congratulations on your wall, but it’s still just a flat message…
Outback restaurants came up with a B-day chair; a chair controlled by Facebook posts to congratulate you with your birthday and gives you a ‘hug’ everytime someone posts something on your wall. A sweet and lovely gesture to the B-day boy or girl!
Like everyone knows, a hug says more than a thousand words. It gives you warmth and shows the other that they care about them and literally give themselves to you. I just don’t know if I wanted to be hugged by a chair, but that’s personal, I think, haha!
This is another great example of Experience ecnonomy and a random act of kindness. Nowadays people are just so busy and concetrating on their own stuff, that they forget the people around them. That’s why these kind of campaigns are so good and clever, just to show people how you can surprise someone and make their day just a little bit better, with a random act of kindness.


The future of augmented reality

A few days ago I wrote a post about how technology is (probably) going to be implemented in our future homes. But of course, that’s not the only technological development going on nowadays…
Sight: contact lenses with augmented reality. These contacts are going to have the same kind of context as Google Glass, but then implemented in contacs. But you can’t only make appointments with a blink, but you can also use it for measuring bodylaguage of another person, you can do videogames and you can pick out your clothes while your sitting on the couch eating your dinner.
I think it’s kind of freaky to know and see that technology is getting closer to the human body every time. I heard stories about people developing some kind of phone, which you should wear in your arm/under your skin. Bit by bit technology is becoming litteraly part of humans. Of course there will be an explanation behind it, for example that the consumer can’t lose their phone anymore or that they could be contacted 24/7, but it’s really not a healthy development (if you ask me). We shouldn’t give away our bodies to empower it with technological things… That’s not who we are; people are vunerable, have emotions and should embrace that.

Man, I could talk about this all day long! What do you think about these kind of things?
Check out the vid below!

KFC Wall of Hope

In 2009, KFC launched Add Hope, a campaign that not only transformed the brand’s CSI strategy but also raised R7.4 million towards hunger relief in just two years. In 2011, the pressure was on to up the ante even further, to build more momentum for the Add Hope campaign, to raise more money, and to further cement the relationship between the KFC brand and this phenomenally successful campaign.
To build on an already Big Idea, Ogilvy Johannesburg suggested an even Bigger Idea – a high-profile, high-impact campaign that would not only reach and connect with KFC customers, but also the South African public at large. It had to be contagious and engaging, and drive talkability. It had to be big enough to create the kind of splash that attracts media attention – because Public Relations was identified as the only medium capable of taking Add Hope even higher.


Interactive billboard against agression

The Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands has introduced an interactive billboard in Amsterdam and Rotterdam to challenge public apathy towards aggressive behaviour on the streets. Public service employees in the Netherlands, such as ambulance drivers, face aggression and violence on the streets more and more often. Onlookers unfortunately do not intervene often enough when they encounter a situation like this. The billboards use Bitmove technology to pick up the images of passersby and place them in a pre-recorded violent situation, providing four tips on what they can do.


Water-creating Billboard

UTEC or The University of Engineering and Technology, needed a solution to get students interested in applying for an engineering program. They decided to start by changing a local problem. Lima is the second largest capital in the world set on a desert, so the lack potable water is a huge problem. Having in mind that the presence of rain is almost zero, but at the same time the atmospheric humidity is about 98%, this inspired them to build the first billboard that produces drinking water out of air.


Coca Cola’s obesity ad

This is the new Coca-Cola television advert, addressing the issue of obesity and calorie intake. The two-minute-long commercial will be shown on US television and tells viewers what the company is doing to combat obesity.
It’s an interesting thing to see that Coca Cola is doing this, because they are actually telling people, why they shoudn’t drink Coca Cola. Of course they have thought about that, because they are showing all the no/low calorie products in this ad.
It’s a good thing that they are showing their consumers, what the threats are of drinking to much Coca Cola and inspiring them to do something about the obesity. It all lives in their slogan: Coming Together.


Tedx about the future!

The website has a lot of inspirational video’s about technology, health, design and a lot of other stuff.
When I checked this site, I saw a very interesting video about the evolution of human beings. They started about the arise of the planets/stars and after that, he told more about the evolution of humanity.

Want to see this video? Then you should click here:

Mentality model of the future

Nowadays a lot of (especially) girls want to relate themselves to topmodels. The bodyfigures of those models have much impact on the youth, because they are their role model.
If we look at the past, the role model was to be fat. That showed the people that you had enough money to eat all the things you wanted!
Nowadays there are many different role models, but the skinny models, with no fat on their body are still the most dominant…

I would love to know what the mentality of young people will be in about 20 years.
What do you think?


Inspiration of:

Future of health: recovering with games

I think the most of you know the Wii or Kinect. It’s a fun game, where you are the remote itself.
Now researchers and game developers are creating a game for people who had a stroke.
With this game, they can recover from their stroke. Also by following and analysing the movements of the patient, they can create graphics and with these graphics they can develop a fitting recoveryprogram for the patient.

Take a look at this video and tell me, what you think about it!