Inspirational vids

When I look at my generation and myself, we are busy with breaking patterns which were build up by older generations, like my parents and grandparents generation. We are developing ourself in a way, that we feel satisfied about our life and do the things we really want to do.
If I look back on the stories my mother told me, about how my gran would make choices for my mom and she had to obey, I just can’t understand why someone else would live your life… Maybe because they wanted to be different themselves and project that on their children, but eventually they’ll grow up not knowing who they really are or unhappy, because they didn’t do the things they wanted to do.
If you check the internet, a lot of inspirational vids are made and shared, to give people motivation to do what they really want and to develop themselves. Forget the money, do what you want! And if you do it correctly, you’ll eventually become a master in what you do and you can earn money with it. But you have to take the first step…

I already did! What about you?


Clever marketing @ the Red light district

Several months ago I was browsing the internet for some inspirational casestudy vids and ran into this one. I have to say: it’s tricky, but it definitely works!
A lot of organisations and brands start working with a kind of multiple layered marketing. They use an awesome stunt to attract people and to create awareness and that’s where the real word comes out. Really clever and powerful!
The trend Experience Economy in combination with the macro trend ‘creating awareness’ are definitely the base for this kind of marketing. They don’t just want to educate people, but they want to do it in a fun or confrontational way. This is a ultimate way of word of mouth, because if you create an experience a lot of people want to talk about it. If you just give them a boring flyer, you will loose their attention and don’t get the impact you wanted.

Just check out the vid and let me know what you think about it!

Nike guerilla marketing

Some bright marketing manager at Nike knew that a huge soccer ball lodged into the side of a building would turn people’s heads. Perhaps designed to give the impression that soccer players would be infused with mind-blowing power if they used Nike balls, this is another prime example of creative marketing orchestrated in a way that appeals to the product’s very specific target audience, as well as everyone else.




Nike Interactive Store Window

Most of you guys would remember the ‘Nike+ Innovation Center’ that was housed at Selfridges during the London Olympics, but what you might not have seen, were the 8, interactive/reactive kinetic window installations that helped to drag customers into the store.

From Kinetic drops that react to people walking past, to dunk-height jumping challenges and LED light flashing walls… All, along some seriously premium high-street exposure. Very cool.


Digitally projected football fields

Nike Spain’s ‘Football: Anywhere. Anytime.’ campaign brings a projected digital sports field to the sports-crazed youth of Spain. Advertising agency ‘Doubleyou’ crafted this clever campaign to bring people together for an impromptu game of soccer and promote the FC247 line of Nike footwear; a clever way to bring the game to the players.

Just check out the video of this amazing idea!


Nike limited edition

Running shoes usually aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing items in your wardrobe, but these new designs from the Nike Georgetown We Run D.C. collection may even overshadow the glamour of your heels.
An exclusive limited edition series of footwear celebrating the women who have trained for the Nike Women Half Marathon in D.C., the collection includes three new kicks: the Nike Free 5.0+, the Nike Roshe Run Woven and the Nike Studio Wrap Pack. The most stunning shoe out of the three is the Wrap Pack design which features a ballerina-like style with ribbons wrapping around your feet up to your ankles.



Staff smile training

“Smile for the camera” takes on a new meaning, as one Japanese train company requires its employees to check their smiles ahead of work.

Keihin Electric Railways staff must face a “grin-o-meter”, which ensures they have the look to keep customers happy. The system displays and measures smiles, allowing staff to tweak facial grins using a “Smile Scan” system.

Helpful hints include “Your smile’s getting better, just a bit more,” or even “Smile like you’re happy!”, which staff say allows them go from fake smiles to a more natural grin.


Community building in Human Movement

You got something intimate, poetic or radical to say, but the words don’t come out right? This is where interpretive dance comes in. And if you can’t dance for dear life, this is where the Puma Dance Dictionary comes in.
The Puma Dance Dictionary, created by Grey London to push the brand’s new Sync fragrances (yes, Puma makes fragrances), allows users to select words and phrases which are then translated into dance moves by freestyle performers. These “moving” messages can be shared via social media or emailed to friends.