Inspirational vids

When I look at my generation and myself, we are busy with breaking patterns which were build up by older generations, like my parents and grandparents generation. We are developing ourself in a way, that we feel satisfied about our life and do the things we really want to do.
If I look back on the stories my mother told me, about how my gran would make choices for my mom and she had to obey, I just can’t understand why someone else would live your life… Maybe because they wanted to be different themselves and project that on their children, but eventually they’ll grow up not knowing who they really are or unhappy, because they didn’t do the things they wanted to do.
If you check the internet, a lot of inspirational vids are made and shared, to give people motivation to do what they really want and to develop themselves. Forget the money, do what you want! And if you do it correctly, you’ll eventually become a master in what you do and you can earn money with it. But you have to take the first step…

I already did! What about you?