The Skoda hostel

If you look at carbrands, they all kind of do the same thing; test drives, commercials, flyers, etc. This time Skoda came with something a carbrand had never done before. They turned one of their cars into a hostel!
When it’s summer in Russia, people of my generation are coming to Moscow to go to all kinds of festivals. Before they go there, they have to book a hotel or cheap appartment to stay during those festivals. Skoda used these insights to give the consumers the possibility to have a free stay in the Skoda hostel. The benefit of it being a car is that they could also take the car around town and make a test drive. Such a smart way to get to the targetgroup Skoda obviously wanted to attract.

I posted quite some things about smart ways of using Experience economy in companies marketing, just like this one. I think that this will become more and more the marketingstandard; consumers want to be entertained, want to be shocked and most of all want to experience things/brandmessages. If companies will use Eperience economy more and more, there will probably be a next step in co-creation marketing. Some brands are already playing with it, bit by bit, but I think there’s a big area untouched and a lot of opportunity to develop this even more.

Check out the vid of the Skoda Fabia below!


Social web of things

A few weeks ago, one of my teachers showed me this video during class. My first reaction was: ‘Ah, how cool!’ and ‘That’s awesome!’, but then I started to think about it properly.
I watched the vid several times when I was at home and realized that people are already making steps with developing this kind of technology. The most of us know about domotica and robotica in houses of elderly, but this is bringing it to a complete new level. It kind of freaks me out to know that, in a few years, every single thing could have a voice/feeling and is sort of a ‘living creature’ who talks about their wants and needs. Like there aren’t enough whining people already… (jokes!)

A combination of the trends stress society, digitization and experience economy are actually the base of this technological development. People are so busy with their lifes and trying to get everything done in time, that they don’t even have time to clean or do the laundry. Maybe it’s not only a matter of time, but also a matter of a kind of laziness. People, especially in my generation, want to live life the fullest and don’t want to waste time with things they don’t want to do, just like vacuuming and cleaning. It’ll be a luxury to have this in your house now, but I think a lot of people will apply it in their own house in let’s say 5 or 10 years…

Check out the vid below and let me know what you think about this development!

My new room #2

Since November, I’ve been busy with my room to restyle it! My parents’ room had to be restyled, so we did it all in once!
But we had a little trouble with the room of my parents… There was a leakage, so we had to wait till it was warmer, so the plumber could make it…
However, now we are looking for the colours of the curtains and the paint!
These pics underneath are a the colours I like and what we thought was the best, till now!
If my room is done or almost, I will show you how far it is :)!

Doutzen Kroes for WWF

Our beautiful Dutch model Doutzen Kroes showed her naked body for the new campaign of WWF.
It’s a gorgeous fragment with a lot of nice visual effects!
The slogan of this campaign is: You are the nature! Give the earth trough on your own way!

My parents and I give the WNF a donation every year! Click here to see what you can do for them!