Dare to be tender…

In a combination of several trends, just like Experience Economy, Sharing = caring and socialism, Milka introduced a campaign for people living in France. The brandmessage of Milka is: dare to be tender. And, just like they say in their vid, they wanted the consumers to EXPERIENCE the brandmessage, instead of just communicating it.
The producers of Milka say, that the best piece of a Milka bar is by far the last piece. That’s why they gave the consumers the possibility to reach out to someone and send them their last piece of Milka. If people didn’t want to do that, they could go to the website and claim it back.
It’s such a clever way to make the consumer experience the brandmessage. Also, the consumers still had a choice. Sometimes some people will get into resistance because they ‘have’ to do something.
This campaign is a wonderful example of a random act of kindness. We should have more of these kind of little things to make someone smile, make their day better and let them feel appreciated.

I think we should do this way more often! And what about you?