A phone worth keeping!

Just some time ago I had to choose another phone, because my contract would expire. That was kind of a stressful moment. I’m a trendwatcher ‘in the making’, so I also wanted to check out the latest phones. I’m a serious Apple person, so I looked at the new iPhone 5s or 5c. They were amazing, but also really expensive…
After some hours of googling I found the vid displayed below. It opened my eyes on several things, just like the increasing waist of electronic devices and that I’m not even aware of being part of it.
Phonebloks; an amazing concept with a lot of future potential. Together with the fact that the waiststream will decrease massively, it also links with trends like individualism and digitalisation.
With all the technological developments of the last few years, everyone thinks that they have to invent new, amazing designed stuff, and that’s awesome, but a concept like Phonebloks is simple in base, but so much more clever. It’s also developed for a cause, and not just for having the most fashionable phone. Of course, it looks lovely to have the newest gadgets, but this is lifting up the phone to a new level! Customisable, easy and way more sustainable!

A big hurray for me! What do you think about it?