The future of augmented reality

A few days ago I wrote a post about how technology is (probably) going to be implemented in our future homes. But of course, that’s not the only technological development going on nowadays…
Sight: contact lenses with augmented reality. These contacts are going to have the same kind of context as Google Glass, but then implemented in contacs. But you can’t only make appointments with a blink, but you can also use it for measuring bodylaguage of another person, you can do videogames and you can pick out your clothes while your sitting on the couch eating your dinner.
I think it’s kind of freaky to know and see that technology is getting closer to the human body every time. I heard stories about people developing some kind of phone, which you should wear in your arm/under your skin. Bit by bit technology is becoming litteraly part of humans. Of course there will be an explanation behind it, for example that the consumer can’t lose their phone anymore or that they could be contacted 24/7, but it’s really not a healthy development (if you ask me). We shouldn’t give away our bodies to empower it with technological things… That’s not who we are; people are vunerable, have emotions and should embrace that.

Man, I could talk about this all day long! What do you think about these kind of things?
Check out the vid below!


Pedigree Doggelganger

Pedigree has come up with a great idea to promote adopting dogs. They created a mini-website where you can upload a picture of you, and through face recognition the dog that looks the most like you is presented. The project is called ‘Doggelganger’ and has been so far a huge succes!
Check out who’s your doggelganger!


Nike Interactive Store Window

Most of you guys would remember the ‘Nike+ Innovation Center’ that was housed at Selfridges during the London Olympics, but what you might not have seen, were the 8, interactive/reactive kinetic window installations that helped to drag customers into the store.

From Kinetic drops that react to people walking past, to dunk-height jumping challenges and LED light flashing walls… All, along some seriously premium high-street exposure. Very cool.


Staff smile training

“Smile for the camera” takes on a new meaning, as one Japanese train company requires its employees to check their smiles ahead of work.

Keihin Electric Railways staff must face a “grin-o-meter”, which ensures they have the look to keep customers happy. The system displays and measures smiles, allowing staff to tweak facial grins using a “Smile Scan” system.

Helpful hints include “Your smile’s getting better, just a bit more,” or even “Smile like you’re happy!”, which staff say allows them go from fake smiles to a more natural grin.


Smart child abuse ad

In an effort to provide abused children with a safe way to reach out for help, a Spanish organization called the Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation, or ANAR for short, created an ad that displays a different message for adults and children at the same time.
The ad is designed to empower kids, particularly if their abuser happens to be standing right next to them. And while this is a great and worthwhile use of lenticular images, how long will it be before toy companies start doing to the same thing to hawk their products directly at kids?


Smart homes

Last week, I visited the smartest home of the Netherlands located in Eindhoven.
It’s quite funny to say ‘the smartest home’, but when I was there, I really thought that this house was a whole lot smarter than me (not that that is so difficult, hahaha)!
This house knows, sees and notes everything. For example: when you are going to sleep, a sensor notes you stepping in bed. After a few days/weeks, this sensor creates a fixed pattern of your sleepingrituals. If you aren’t going to bed or wake up at the same time as your daily pattern, there is going to be an alarm. If you don’t respond in few minutes by clicking the alarm out, it will directly contact the nearest hospital.

How smart is that?! That will be a part of the future of health!

To make an appointment for a tour and for more information, you can check

Technology in Human Movement: The Smart E-bike

In general, we know the company Smart of the small, fast and compact cars. Now they produced a whole new concept: the Ebike!
This is a bycycle, in which different technologies have been incorporated. There is an iPhone dock on top, so your iPhone is charging while you are cycling and on the iPhone screen, you can see how fast you are driving, how many calories you are consuming, etc.

Also there is an battery implemented in the Ebike. When you are cycling, you are charging the battery and when you are hitting the brakes, the Ebike will convert that power into energy for the battery.

What do you think about it? Cool or not?